Mission Statement

To increase the number of elected Linn County Democratic candidates by providing needed contributions to their campaigns.

What We Do

The Linn Phoenix Club relies on contributions from membership and events, not corporate dollars to support Democratic candidates in Linn County.

Taking back the Iowa House and Senate takes money. We raise funds to support campaigns that need the extra financial boost to win and where we know our support will make a difference.


  • Mike WyrickChair
  • Monica VernonVice Chair
  • Libby SlappeySecretary
  • Bridget JanusTreasurer
  • Bill NicholsonEntertainment Chair
  • Nate WillemsPrograms Chair
  • Majda OlsonPublic Relations Chair
  • Ashley VanorneySocial Media Chair
  • Lu BarronOutreach Chair
  • Steve JacksonRules Chair
  • Bret NillesLinn Dem's Liason

Members At-Large

  • Ro FoegeAt-Large
  • Joan ThalerAt-Large
  • Dale ToddAt-Large
  • Breanna OxleyAt-Large
  • Sarah RileyAt-Large

Criteria for Consideration

The Linn Phoenix Club raises money through memberships and event fees, and typically disburses funds in the summer in even numbered years to qualified Democratic candidates in Linn County.

Our board meets with candidates between the primary and the general election to discuss fundraising efforts, voter contact plans, and policy positions. We offer advice to all and funds to some, based on:

The quality of their campaign plan

Their fundraising efforts

Their ability to win among other aspects of the race

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